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James Archer

Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Engineer, 

Cultural Connector & Coffee addict

I appreciate you visiting me here on Archer.com.


So, now that you’re here…what can I do for you, if anything, to make your life or career better?


I’m not asking that question to be anything but helpful, if I can be, to you.  


Why? Because I’m loving life. If things were going any better, I’d have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.


And so…really. I’m not kidding. Ask. I don’t care if you run a school, nonprofit, or major corporation – if I can help you, I will.


And as you travel along your own journey, people who meet you are bound to ask you for advice and guidance.


And if what they ask is something that’s not in your wheelhouse, it may be something with which I can help.

About Me

I've had many careers in my life - Engineer, Art Gallery Owner, Software Engineer, Inventor, Author, etc.


But several years ago, I RETIRED.


Then, bored out of my mind playing golf and tennis, I decided I finally had the time to learn a new language.


After struggling with lots of different language programs, I found a "secret" that helped me become fluent in Spanish.   That's when I founded The ShareLingo Project, to share that secret and help other people become fluent also.


When I decided to make ShareLingo available online, I started learning about Online Marketing, Webinars, Product Launches, and all those concepts - and I built a team to help me.


Then other people started needing launch help - and that's when my team and I formed Virtual Launch Team

The ShareLingo Project is a Social Enterprise that I founded to help connect English and Spanish speakers meet and practice together.  But it's much more than another language program.  The underlying mission of ShareLingo is to "Connect Cultures Through Language".  


But how did ShareLingo start?


As mentioned above, it started when I was learning Spanish and discovered a "secret"to becoming fluent


It's so OBVIOUS once you hear it...


The secret is this:   The more people you can help learn to speak YOUR language, the FASTER and EASIER you will speak THEIRS. 


Simple as that.   Now - there are lots of reasons this statement is true - and why it works so well. I won't get into them all here - but it just WORKS!


So if you want to speak Spanish - all you have to do is learn how to meet and practice with Spanish speakers - and how to HELP them speak English!



Virtual Launch Team is a simple concept - it’s like a bunch of Virtual Assistants who all work together on helping to launch online businesses, without getting in each other’s way.


But how did VLT start?


Well - it started when I was really overwhelmed starting my own online business… all the technology, and tasks, were just too much for one person to handle.  And I’m a computer engineer, and tech doesn’t scare me, so I remember thinking,

  1. If I'm overwhelmed, other people must be also 
  2. I need to get some help
  3. There must be a simpler way to do this 

And there was - My team and I broke down the online marketing process into three simple and achievable "launch stages" - AND - we also decided to help people implement those stages.

How can I help YOU?



Need a hand getting your launch DONE ?  My team and I not only help explain how to launch online, but we also help to implement


- cool, right? 






If you're ready to finally SPEAK Spanish, you need to know how to meet and practice with native Spanish speakers.   Guess what - they need to meet and practice with you.  We facilitate that.  





I've started, grown, and sold multiple businesses throughout the years. And I've been blessed to get to know the Latino market and culture very well - Ana Ugarte, my partner in this business is in Nicaragua - and together we help companies who want to expand their markets across borders - in English or Spanish.

My Services.

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Business Strategy

If you're feeling overwhelmed in any way with your online launch - or business in general - let me help you get a solid plan together.

Private Consulting

Similar to the Business Strategy option - but with a focus on laying out what YOU should do next, more than what direction your business should go in.

Kartra Solutions

My team and I have tried lots of different platforms - Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Mailchimp, Aweber, and a long list of others.  We settled on Kartra for many reasons, and have become Kartra Ninjas in the process.

Video Editing

Even if you know HOW to create and edit videos, it's probably not what you should be spending your time on - because it can take hours and hours.  This is one of the first things you should outsource if you can.


REMEMBER:  It's always about your customer's benefits, not the features of your program.  


Sell them what they WANT - then give them what they NEED.


Branding and Graphic Design

Your BRAND - it's not just about words.  It's also about colors, and your logo, and just making people feel good.


I don't do that - but - I have people...  :)


And they can help you too.



1) Profits go to help organizations that support cultural diversity and inclusion.

2) It really makes a difference in so many areas of our society

3) It hit #1 Best Seller in SOCIOLOGY OF RACE RELATIONS ! 


Amazon.com Top New Release and #1 Best Seller in Sociology of Race Relations



"The concept is simple, but brilliant and is particularly relevant in our increasingly multicultural world."

"This book is chock full of great information, and more importantly .....HOPE."


Learn about ShareLingo’s proven Model, Method, and Materials that eliminate barriers between English and Spanish speakers in Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Construction, and many more areas of our community.

Who Should Read This Book?

  • Teachers / Administrators
  • Doctors / Nurses
  • Police / Law Enforcement
  • Pastors / Missionaries
  • CEOs and HR Directors
  • Construction / Landscaping
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • Virtually anyone in a bilingual industry!

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