The first-ever commercially viable electric VTOL aircraft. Happening right here.
To fix traffic and create a fully renewable transportation solution,
We’re designing, manufacturing, and operating advanced electric aircraft
that can travel 60 miles at 150 mph, all with today’s technology

Running towards the hard problems. Designing for performance, low noise, certification, and mass manufacturing.

The world's best electric VTOL aircraft engineers have chosen Archer. We're building a commercially viable aircraft that can travel 60 miles, at 150mph, with no single point of failure.

Tom Muniz
Geoff Bower
Alan Chen
Ben Goldman
Damien Bardon
Diederik Marius
Giovanni Droandi
Johnny Melack
Matt Deal
Scott Furman

The electric range equation

Our aircraft have a 60 mile range utilizing battery technology that's commercially available today. Our performance estimates account for realistic battery pack integration, inaccessible energy at low state-of-charge, emergency reserves, and capacity fade at the end of life of the battery. We’re proving that electric VTOL vehicles can be built and certified today to solve problems around urban congestion, sustainable transport, and public health.

First Order
Range Calculation
96 km / 60 mi
143 kWh usable