A better tomorrow is a team effort. It's the culmination of vision, experience and determination. We can be more efficient, more sustainable and move about the world more freely. We are explorers and disruptors. We are the architects of tomorrow and we're looking for those eager to join our team and build it with us.


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We're on a journey to change the way the world moves and the only way to achieve our mission is by building a world-class team and culture. Explore life at Archer and how we build, create and celebrate - together.

Core Values
  • We rely on transparent, direct, and honest communication to achieve our mission in the most productive way possible as one team. We’re all in this together.

  • We are long-term, mission-driven thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are not afraid to be bold, think creatively, and overcome any obstacles along the way to turning our dream into reality.

  • Safety first, always. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees, future passengers, and the environment by building a high redundancy aircraft with no single point of failure. Through testing, high quality materials, and precision we will never compromise on safety.

  • We’re dedicated to creating an aircraft that will push the world towards a zero-emissions future. By using advanced technology, electric batteries, and safe materials, the environment and health of our communities always comes first.

  • Most importantly, we celebrate together. From team events to test flights and everything in between, we know how to have fun.

  • Setting the right direction matters. Leaders don’t “figure things out as they go” they have detailed plans they are operating from. These plans work to solve the global maximum and leaders work recursively to keep optimizing this plan.

  • Leaders operate in the weeds and are connected to the details. They know what their team is working on and where every nut and bolt is. There is no job they won’t do themselves.

  • Leaders are right a lot. Leaders have high aptitude, resourcefulness and are constantly looking for ways to reduce their odds of failure.

  • Leaders always put in the time to do the work correctly. There is no substitute for hard work. If you work hard and fall short you won’t be faulted.

  • Leaders are good at clearly communicating goals, timelines, and key challenges. They are proactive. And they don't just report good news, they communicate challenges and roadblocks which in turn builds trust.

  • Leaders work to develop a first order understanding of the task at hand. They reason from a common truth and not simply by analogy.

  • Timelines matter for Archer. Leaders have a bias for action and want to quickly get cycles of learnings. Waiting for a >90% confidence level is usually too long. In most cases 70% is suitable. We value calculated risk taking.

  • Leaders constantly are looking to do more with less. They work to reduce spending constantly, they never accept a bill on the first quote and are always trying to reduce the budget.

  • Always hire for expectational abilities and develop your talent. Leaders have an incredibly high bar for talent and are always looking for people who are smarter than themselves.

  • Leaders consider the other side of an argument when information is conflicting with their ideas. They don’t dig into their thesis when it appears they could be wrong.

  • Leaders take responsibility for the work product of their team. They don’t make excuses. Leaders are responsible when the project succeeds and accept the blame when the project fails.

  • We are here to build a great product and service for our customers. Be focused on delivering an exceptional product that is above and beyond what exists today.

  • Leaders have incredibly high standards for the work quality they are delivering. They work to raise the bar for themselves and everyone around them. They are constantly challenging the work product to see if it can be done better.

  • Leaders believe they can always be getting better and are pushing themselves on a never ending path of improvement. Leaders are resourceful and have a high degree of aptitude.

Our Locations

We believe that in order to build something great, constant collaboration and strong relationships are an absolute necessity. Across our growing number of facilities, Archer is dedicated to providing inspiring workspaces that put our team in position to be their best selves and deliver their best work.





Archer Women's Association

Women are still underrepresented in the STEM workforce and we're dedicated to helping change that. We created the AWA to support and empower the women of Archer to reach their full potential through regular off-site events where our members enjoy unique experiences together that foster conversation, connection and community