The Dawn Of A New Era

Leading Electric Air Taxi Commercialization Through Unmatched Innovation


Full Power. Zero Emissions.

The Olympus battery is Archer’s lithium-ion based system that powers our eVTOL aircraft. Olympus battery cells began testing in 2021 and battery pack testing in 2022. These packs now power every Midnight aircraft we manufacture.

142 KWh
Max Power
1,300 KW
Pack Voltage
800 V class
Charge Time (average mission)
10 minutes
Electric Engines

Propelling Commercialization

Midnight utilizes 12 electric engines, with similar units in forward and aft positions. Our innovative design features an integrated gearbox for maximum efficiency with minimal weight. Fully designed for assembly-line production, these electric engines are helping propel the commercialization of eVTOL aircraft.

Moving the future forward

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We use advanced computational fluid dynamics to design and simulate the most aerodynamic and efficient electric aircraft to ever take to the skies.

The Sound of Tomorrow

A Quieter Urban Environment

Our approach to the urban environment goes beyond the in-flight experience. With fully-electric propulsion our aircraft are up to 100 times quieter than a helicopter when flying at cruising altitudes, making them virtually inaudible from the streets below.

Studying How We Move

Prime Radiant: Cutting Edge. Data Driven

Prime Radiant is Archer’s proprietary data modeling technology, helping us determine optimal trip locations, cost, and customer experience. It will allow us to build aerial rideshare technology that’ll revolutionize how people move in and around cities.

The Future of Air Travel

Midnight Is Coming

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